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Whether you’re looking to try partner dancing for the first time or grow in your journey as a West Coast Swing dancer, our goal is to help you improve your skills and become more confident on the dance floor. One of the most common ways to do this? With weekly classes and practice! Check our calendar for the next course start date.



At West Coast Swing Amsterdam, we offer a complete series of instruction designed to help you develop your technique, have more fun on the social floor, and (if you’re interested in competing) do better in WSDC competitions. Classes run throughout the year, with every series containing 8 weekly classes. Here are the levels and what you can expect to learn in each series:


For beginners to West Coast Swing who are not familiar with the fundamentals, for former Westie dancers who are getting back into it, and for experienced Westies looking to practice applying higher level technique to basics. This course teaches you the minimum you need for your West Coast Swing dancing. After this series you will be able to:

  • Understand the basic 6- and 8-count structure

  • Understand both leaders’ and followers’ connection and footwork

  • Understand the basic side pass, push, and rotational patterns

  • Dance to any type of song during social dance evenings

This class can be repeated until you're ready to move on to more advanced concepts, as you will absorb different tips each time you go through it. Please ask the instructor for an assessment. This is also a great class to repeat throughout your WCS journey in order to focus on improving your "building blocks" to WCS.


For dancers who have completed the Beginners class with instructors' permission to advance or have completed a WCS basics course elsewhere previously and done a tryout with the instructor. Topics of this series can include any of the following:

  • Creating variations on basic patterns

  • Understanding rolling count

  • Create partner connection during your dance

  • Create different starter-step options, with a focus on fluent transition between patterns

  • Create variations based on your interpretation of the music

  • Create your own ladies’ / men’s styling

  • Design your own musical interpretation of lead and follow

  • Influence pattern intentions during the dance

  • Design your own musical interpretation, separately from your partner’s

  • ... more! 


This class is only offered in certain seasons and is invite only depending on performance in the Intermediate classes. The focus of this level is to:

  • Create your own patterns and go beyond them

  • Incorporate a visible personal styling

  • Hit phrase changes

  • Design your own WCS dance choreography

Not sure which level you belong in? Want to try it out, but we've already started the next series? Send us a message (also possible via Facebook) if you'd like to drop by one of the classes to try it out and chat with the instructor!




Mirror Center, Ter Gouwstraat 3, 1093 JX Amsterdam. (Google maps link)

See the TV screen in the entrance for the correct room.

Course Fee for 8-week Series

Early Bird*: €95 without partner / €180 per couple
Regular Price: €105 without partner / €200 per couple


Discount on Additional Courses

Want to take more than one course at the same time? You get a 50% discount on your second course. There is no assessment to join a lower level, but you can only join a higher level after an assessment by our team. Contact us for more details!


Drop-in: €15/class possible upon request.

Please contact us first!

*Early bird price is valid up until 1 week before the course start date (see calendar for course start dates).