Saturday, September 5, 2020 - The Annual Global West Coast Swing Flashmob!

2021 edition canceled due to COVID. We hope to return in 2022!

What is the Rally?

Every year, West Coast Swing dancers around the world learn and perform the same routine for an international flashmob, which happens on the same day globally. The event aims to promote our dance, celebrate what brings us together, and is a fun experience for us dancers and those who we surprise!

2019 Final Video


Be part of Amsterdam's performance this year! Free choreography training sessions outdoors this summer. Find all the details below, including some important notes regarding COVID-19 measures.

What is the 2020 date? 

Saturday, September 5, 2020. We highly encourage everyone to join this day, whether you're performing or supporting a friend!

Who can take part? 

Anyone can! It's best if you have some WCS basics already, but we are also able to teach this to you from the start. All you need is to find a partner (one leader and one follower). West Coast Swing is gender neutral so anyone can lead or follow. 

How can I learn the routine? 

We hold free outdoor trainings all summer. Please see the schedule at the bottom!

COVID Note: You must sign up in advance, with a permanent partner, to join each training. Please read the COVID rules below carefully.

How do I subscribe? 

First, you need to join our WhatsApp group to receive the latest updates. In order to join, please email us with your name and the name of your partner.

Once you are in the WhatsApp group, we will send a message a few days before each training to confirm which couples are in attendance. We need to track the attendance in accordance with the RIVM COVID-19 guidelines. 

What if I can't join all the trainings? 

In case you cannot join the full set of trainings, you can also learn the routine on your own! Watch this video on YouTube to learn and practice the parts.



This year's routine has 4 different parts: A-B-C-D. Each training is approximately 60 minutes.

Even though the content repeats, we recommend you join for as many sessions as you can so that you can practice and refine it each time! If the group is more advanced, we'll focus on the details.
** Schedule subject to change, be sure you are in the WhatsApp group for updates.**

  • You must sign up with a permanent partner for the trainings. There will be no partner rotations in the training sessions. See info "How do I subscribe?

  • There will be a minimum of 1.5m distance between couples. Spots on the ground will be marked with tape. 

  • If you feel sick or have recently come into contact with someone who has tested COVID-positive in the last 14 days, please do not join that session. We trust you to prioritize the health of the community!

July 18 (Sat)  — 3:00 PM — Oosterpark

Parts A+B

July 21 (Tue)  — 8:00 PM — Museumplein

Parts A+B

July 25 (Sat)  — 3:00 PM — Vondelpark

Parts C+D

July 28 (Tue)  — 8:00 PM — Oosterpark

Parts C+D

Aug 06 (Thu)  — 8:00 PM — Museumplein

Parts A+B

Aug 13 (Thu)  — 8:00 PM — Museumplein

Parts C+D

Aug 20 (Th)  — 8:00 PM — Vondelpark


Aug 25 (Tue)  — 8:00 PM — Oosterpark


Sep 03 (Thu)  — 8:00 PM — Museumplein — FINAL REHEARSAL


Sep 05 (Sat)  — 1:00 PM — Meet at Dam Square — RALLY DAY!



Questions? Use the contact form below, we're happy to chat with you! See you at the trainings!