West Coast Swing was born in North America as a social partner dance from the streets. It takes its roots from Lindy Hop and adapts to new dance styles continuously, evolving into the modern form of swing it is today. Today, this modern form of swing looks different depending on the style of the dancer, but maintains the same core foundation that makes up WCS. Now, it's loved by those who dance it for its versatility in music (from radio hits to jazz and blues, from hip-hop to slow contemporary) and location (from the social floor to your neighborhood bar).

Both leaders and followers alike love it for the room for improvisation and rhythmic/lyrical interpretation, and is noted as one of the partner dances with the most freedom out there today. West Coast Swing has crossed the globe to Europe and Asia, making it a worldwide phenomenon that puts a smile on people's faces.




Pure passion for West Coast Swing is at the heart of our dance academy. Started in 2012, this 100% WCS school specializes in individual and group development and in growing the West Coast Swing community in Amsterdam and across the Netherlands. We welcome dancers from all backgrounds to learn and grow in this globally-known dance, so our classes can be delivered in both English and Dutch for Amsterdam's international community.

Our focus? Making sure our Westie community has a ton of fun learning this magical partner dance and getting the mainstream dance audience hooked on WCS too! If you're interested in learning more, don't hesitate to contact us via Facebook or the contact form!



    Owner / Head Instructor

    Gordon has been dancing, teaching, and traveling for West Coast Swing since 2012. With a background in HipHop, Blues, Salsa, Bachata, and Zouk, Gordon's West Coast Swing career started in Budapest where he decided to drop all other dances to completely plunge into this beautiful dance. He took lessons from the best WCS teachers from the United States and Europe, which inspired him even more to focus his energy on the Dutch dance community.

    Gordon is WSDC Intermediate, Event Director of NeverlandSwing (WSDC), and the only Advanced GPDIA West Coast Swing certified teacher in the Netherlands. His goal is focused on the easiest way to create connection and elasticity between the two partners, with a strong focus on musicality.


    Instructor / Administration

    Jennifer is a Canadian West Coast Swing dancer, instructor, and community organizer. Originally from Vancouver, her addiction to this dance started on the social floor, which is where she developed her deep appreciation of connection and partnership skills in WCS. After moving to the Netherlands, she started Amsterdam Westie Nights, a monthly workshop and party on the 2nd Friday of every month. 

    As an instructor, Jennifer is known for her clear concepts and focusing on the fun in WCS. She is the one behind the administration and promotion of WCSA's activities, which includes classes, events, workshops with international teachers, and the YouTube channel. She is a proud supporter of WCS in the Netherlands.

West Coast Swing Amsterdam is a dance academy under the "PureSwing Dance" brand, which also organizes other professional WCS events in Europe. More information on that can be found on www.pureswingdance.com.

Various photography on this site credited to Elena Zemlyanskaya (brand-friend.com), Joseph Foster (fosterphotography.co.uk), or personal archives.

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